Welcome to Monkey Leaf – soap with a heart! The soaps are made by hand at our home in SE1. We use lovely butters and oil which are good for our skin, and rain water which makes better soap than our hard London water. We package our soaps in ‘upcycled’ and ‘recycled’ fabrics and coffee hessian – we do not like unnecessary waste and believe that pretty things can come out of under looked materials. We will soon be selling online; please feel free to browse to find out more about our soap variety and ingredients.

Profits from the soaps will be donated to charity

Why are these soaps so good?

First of all, they are made with care. We use these soaps all the time, so we take great care in formulating nice mixes of moisturising, nourishing and cleansing oils and butters. Second, we never use palm oil, because a good soap can be made without palm oil and have great qualities. Finally, when you buy a Monkey Leaf soap, you are helping preserving the Orangutans of Borneo, a species that has been now driven dangerously close to extinction by the palm oil industry.